Frequently Asked Questions

Do your recycled plastic chairs fade?

It’s important to know that not all recycled plastic is created equally. There are different qualities of plastic on the market today. We use only high quality recycled material made from solid plastics – milk bottles. This ensures our chairs stand up better to Mother Nature’s elements than those made from a variety of recyclables, which might include soft plastic like shopping bags. As with anything that sits outside under the sun, you can expect a small degree of fading over an extended period of time, but we expect our chairs will be handed down and enjoyed for generations.

How do I keep my recycled plastic chairs clean?

While recycled plastic is low maintenance, it’s not no maintenance. Like all furniture, it does require regular cleaning. We recommend you wipe your chairs down regularly with a wet rag to remove any surface dirt. If it needs a deeper clean, hot soapy water with a scrub brush should be all you need. Do not use harsh chemicals or a pressure washer, as they may damage the plastic,

Are your kit chairs easy to put together?

Yes. Our recycled plastic chair kits come pre-drilled, include all the hardware you need, an instruction booklet. Your first chair should take you between 1-1.5 hours to assemble. After that, it should take between 40 minutes to 1 hour per chair.

I lost my instruction booklet, can you send me another one?

You can find out instructions online here.

What's the difference - other than price - between your three recycled plastic chairs?

  1. Thickness of material: Two of our chairs are made from 3/4″ material and one is made from 1″ material. This is the thickness of the material, not the width of the seat slats or arms.
  2. Width of arm: Our 3/4″ chair comes with two options for arm width – narrow at 5.5″ and wide at 8″. Our 1″ chair only comes with a 7.5″ wide arm.
  3. Weight: Our 3/4″ chair with the 5.5″ arm is 48 pounds. Our 3/4″ chair with 8″ arm is 52 pounds. Our 1″ chair with 7.5″ arm is 80 pounds.
  4. Seat angle: The rails of the 5.5″ arm chair are not as high as those on our wide arm chairs and, therefore, the slope of the seat is a little steeper. People describe it as feeling like you’re sitting a bit deeper in the chair, whereas the wide arm chairs sit a little flatter.

What is the size of the box that your kit recycled plastic chairs come in?

  1. The 3/4″ with a 5.5″ wide arm = 36x20x3″The 3/4″ with an 8″ wide arm = 36x20x4″The 1″ with a 7.5″ wide arm = 36x20x5″Foot stools and side tables are roughly 25lbs and come in 24x16x6.5″ boxes.